Deliver Your own Sprites, and get some of them! FR

KingSnivy presents….

2011 SPRITE Reshkroman, Unova Pokemon used only

Hadurima, Reshiram, Zekrom.


      Grodawnt                        Grovyle + Crodawnt                    

Answer Please..

The First Pokemon B/W Fanmade Sprites!

Tsutaja’s Used PKMN:Cyndaquil,Treecko

Pokabu’s Used Pokemon:Marril,Gligar

Mijumaru’s Used Pokemon: Piplup,Paint

Credits (X) No

Sprite 1:   The Spooner, Alakazam-Z

 Pokemon Used:Alakazam+Porygon-Z

Sprite 2, My Favorite: Xatu-Z

Pokemon Used:Xatu+Porygon-Z

Sprite 3: Masquerain-Z

Pokemon Used:Masquerain+Porygon-Z

Sprite 4, Of Auras!: Lucario-Z

Pokemon Used:Lucario+Porygon-Z

Have Fun using them

Credit Needed? (X) No!

   <— Ask Before using

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